Napa Domaine Chandon



My husband, Doug, is somewhat of a wine connoisseur.  I do enjoy an occasional glass of fine wine but when Doug planned a surprise trip to Napa Valley, I was uncertain how I would like the California Wine Country.  To my delight, what I found in Napa to accompany all of the great wine . .was fabulous food. And I love food! The spot that made an incredible impression on us was the Domaine Chandon Winery. It encompasses everything we love – fine dining, beautiful scenery, ambiance, amazing architecture and great art work.


The ‘Etoil Restaurant at Domaine Chandon is exquisite.  Each plate is a beautiful masterpiece, a feast for the eyes.


This dessert is absolutely incredible!  Caramelized Pear Mille-Feuille brandied butterscotch · almond toffee. – recipes!   I also purchased their Donaine Chandon cook book



The architecture is amazing.  It’s an unexpected modern style.  This glass, wood and stone wall has a very sculptural feel.


A view of the lovely wine tasting patio and the exterior architecture of Domaine Chandon.


Very creative art work incorporating wine bottles. How appropriate.


Throughout the grounds they feature original art work. I was very impressed by the ceramic art work by Bruggerman and Dowling- Michael.


My favotire piece by Bruggerman and Dowling- Michael


It so happens that Doug and I visited the House of Moet & Chandon on a trip to France several years ago.  I didn’t make the connection until I looked at Domaine Chandon’s history section on their website and noticed the statue of Dom Perignon.  We have a photo of Doug in front of the same statue!

The Benedictine monk, Dom Perignon, first started the French winery in 1690. Later the winery was acquired by The French Champagne House Moet & Chandon.  They decided to expand and in 1973 and Domaine Chandon became the first French owned sparkling wine venture in the US.



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